Gardener of Eden (2007)
89 mins
Comedy, Drama
Erika Christensen, Giovanni Ribisi, Lukas Haas
Kevin Connelly
United States
Adam Harris (Lukas Haas) is a twenty-five year old slacker forced to move back in with his parents after being kicked out of college. Back home in Jersey and stuck in a funk, Adam loses his job at the local deli, gets kicked out of his house, and worst of all, gets dumped by his friends. While walking home from a bar in a drunken rage, he randomly attacks a man on the street. Prepared to go to jail, Adam is shocked to find out the man he attacked is wanted by the Police for a series of rapes. Adam becomes a local hero. His parents take him back in and he develops a relationship with Mona Huxley (Erika Christensen), the rapist’s last victim. Adam begins training and learns how to fight. He takes to patrolling his town at night, looking for criminals. He is not afraid because he has finally found his true purpose in life: to protect good helpless people – whatever the cost....more