Montana (1997)
96 mins
Action, Thriller
John Ritter, Kyra Sedgwick, Robbie Coltrane, Robin Tunney, Stanley Tucci
Jennifer Leitzes
Goin' to Montana, Inc.
United States
A character-driven thriller seething with underworld decadence, Montana is set in the final days of a quickly unraveling crime organization. The Boss (Robbie Coltrane) is losing control over his rag-tag underlings. When money is stolen and an attempt is made on his life, the Boss knows things will get nasty before they get better. Claire (Kyra Sedgwick), the Boss’s best lieutenant, is determined to put him back in the driver’s seat. Duncan (Philip Seymour Hoffman), the Boss’s financial genius, frames Claire for stealing money and killing his bratty, wannabe son Jimmy (Ethan Embry). Claire is cut off from the organization which was her home and finds herself on the run with Kitty (Robin Tunney) – the Boss’s cocaine-sniffing mistress. While Kitty desperately wants to escape from the Boss and “the life,” Claire wants to pull the organization back together. Claire and Kitty seek refuge with one of the Boss’s shady business associates: Dr. Wexler (John Ritter). While at his country compound, they learn that Wexler is the one tearing the organization apart. Wexler offers to make Claire his partner – but at a price. She must hand over Kitty to be his mistress and hand over the Boss too, dead. But Claire will not betray Kitty and the Boss and narrowly escapes with Kitty in tow. Humbled, the Boss admits he has misjudged the ever faithful Claire. He asks her to return to the organization and rebuild it with him. However, it is much too late as Claire now has plans of her own....more