Little City (1997)
90 mins
Comedy, Family, Romance
Annabella Sciorra, Joanna Going, Jon Bon Jovi, Josh Charles, Penelope Ann Miller
Roberto Benabib
United States


Motion Picture Association of America — Restricted to minors
Six young thirty-somethings weave a tangled web of sexual liaisons, frustrations and broken hearts in this romantic comedy about the struggles of life, love and relationships in the deceptively small social circles of San Francisco. When their current affairs of the heart don’t work, they turn to each other’s mates, setting the stage for all sorts of confusion and betrayals. Soon enough, however, everyone discovers the shortcomings of their new lovers, and partners are switched a second time, beginning another round of fresh hope and disappointments. Despite his efforts, handsome, nice guy Adam (Josh Charles) can’t seem to hold on to a lover. His bartender friend, Kevin (Jon Bon Jovi), a genuine ladies’ man, with a wandering eye, struggles with the concept of monogamy. His girlfriend Nina (Annabella Sciorra), unhappy unless she’s miserable, sabotages every relationship she’s in. Meanwhile, Kevin’s colleague, Rebecca (Penelope Ann Miller), while experimenting with her own ambiguous nature, tries the celibate route. Along the way she meets Adam’s former lover, Kate (Joanna Going) and Anne (JoBeth Williams), who are also dealing with their own personal hang-ups. Confusion and entanglements ensue until an unexpected pregnancy forces everyone to confront their own truths and to re-evaluate their situations and desires and, finally, to discover who their loved ones truly are....more