Joe the King (1999)
1 hour 36 minute
Ethan Hawke, John Leguizamo, Val Kilmer
Frank Whaley
49th Parallel Productions, Forensic/391 Films, LLC and Lower East Side Films
United States
Set in upstate New York, Joe the King is the story of a kid who feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. Fourteen-year-old Joe Henry (Noah Fleiss) manages a fragile existence. He is a young boy coming of age in the 1970s amidst chaos – Joe is made to spend the afternoons with a guidance counselor (Ethan Hawke) due to frequent truancy, his father (Val Kilmer) is an abusive drunk, saddled with debts and his mother (Karen Young) is barely able to keep the pieces of her broken life together. Joe enacts a disastrous plan in a quest to solve his family’s problems and ends up sentenced to juvenile prison for six months. Forced to spend time away from his family, Joe finally gets a chance to discover his true self and his family starts to realize how much the boy has sacrificed for their mistakes....more