Steve Jobs: iGenius (2012)
Tara Pirnia
Tara Pirnia
Tony Taglienti
Steve Jobs was a creative visionary genius, changing and departing this world before his time. He was a father, husband and a much-loved friend but to the rest of the world he leaves his stamp as one of the greatest innovators and geniuses of all time. From the first Mac to the ground breaking iPhones, iPads and iPods, Jobs changed technology in a way that hasn’t been seen since Thomas Edison illuminated the word. He altered our communication methods and radicalized the industry by successfully marketing his inventions so that every man, woman and child would be proud to label themselves as an Apple Fanatic. We visit the world’s largest Apple store in London’s Convent Gardens where his trusted followers paid homage by leaving apples outside in tribute to chatting with celebrities and world business leaders to discover their thoughts regarding the man who was a master of his craft...leaving a legacy which will flourish in his honor. From paternity issues and finding the sister he never knew, to establishing himself as the leader of a company from which he was once discharged...this program will delve into the life of Steve Jobs; the man who gave his all but lost the one battle he couldn't win....more
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